Lacey Bonar Hull

About Me

I am a PhD candidate writing a dissertation on medieval gender and cultural history. My research interests include medieval history, early modern history, court culture, manuscript and book readership (particularly women’s readership), gender history, cultural history, and public history.

In addition to my dissertation, I am also researching and writing popular histories. These projects focus on court culture in the medieval and early modern English court. I am more than happy to discuss both my dissertation and popular history research and writing at laceybonarhull(at)gmail(dot)com.

In addition to these professional interests, I also run the public history Twitter account @hstry_with_cats. For this project, I research and write accounts of different historical people/places/events and record them in short videos while holding a very patient cat. Click the link above to visit my Twitter page.

I am also passionate about sharing my love of medieval manuscript culture with a broader public, which you’ll see if you visit my Twitter page. Manuscripts offer us unique insights and a tangible connection to the distant past, which I seek to highlight through regular postings of illuminated manuscript images and marginalia.

Last but not least, I have a passion for teaching and discussion-based learning. I’ve taught for my university throughout my time as a graduate student, being the instructor of record for both in-person and online classes. I teach for both the History Department and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, where I get to engage with students on topics ranging from Ancient Greek philosophy to modern-day Black Feminist Thought.

Recent News

Talking Tudors Podcast

Talking Tudors
Click here for my podcast episode with Talking Tudors where I chat about Mary Tudor Brandon, the favorite sister of King Henry VIII

History with Cats

Byland Abbey Ghost Stories
Click here to see a recent History with Cats video series on medieval ghost stories recorded by the monks at Byland Abbey

HistoryExtra Article

Click here to read a recent article I wrote for HistoryExtra on the 500th year anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s first recorded appearance at the court of King Henry VIII

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Feel free to contact me with any question or collaboration queries.

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