About Me

Lacey Bonar Hull

I’m a PhD candidate studying medieval and early modern history. I’m currently writing my dissertation, which is a cultural and gender history of the human body in the Middle Ages. I use a wide variety of medieval sources for my research, ranging from physiognomical treatises and saints’ lives to conduct manuals and works of popular literature. My work aims to illuminate medieval understandings of the human body through a close examination of these sources, with a particular focus on the impact of gender on cultural teachings and assumptions.

While finishing my graduate studies, I also completed a graduate certification in Public History at my university. I have a passion for sharing my love of the past with others, which led me to develop the Public History project ‘History with Cats” on Twitter (@hstry_with_cats). I’m lucky to have a very patient cat who lets me hold her while recording short, informative videos that I’ve written on historical topics. You can find our videos on Twitter, Youtube, or our website archive of older videos at historywithcats.wordpress.com.

Aside from my dissertation, I’m also working on a few popular history projects on Tudor history. This was the time period that first ignited my love of the past, and I’m so excited to return to it in my research projects. I’ve recently recorded a podcast episode with Talking Tudors on one of these research topics – a joint biography on Mary Tudor Brandon and Charles Brandon, the favorite sister and best friend of King Henry VIII. You can find this discussion in episode 131 of the podcast, which can be found at the link above or on PodBean or Apple Podcasts.

I am currently an instructor of several classes in my university’s History Department and Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. I teach both lower and upper level undergraduate courses online and in-person.

I am very interested in public engagement and I have served as a guest and partner on history-themed podcasts and shows.

For any queries, please contact LaceyBonarHull@gmail.com.